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Online DVR and OTT Trial

Tulix is proud to offer a trial service for customers who want to test their live streams on Roku, Android, and Google TV. The Tulix Demo apps on these platforms are equipped with both live streaming and Tulix's DVR service, which records live video and makes it available on demand for up to 48 hours.

We also make a web version of the stream and DVR application publicly available on this page. Since the source feed is generated by the users of the trial, the quality and uptime of the stream may vary. Please keep in mind that Tulix can stream up to full HD without buffering, and that any issues you may experience viewing the demo are likely due to the source feed a trial user is providing. If you would like to use this trial to make your stream available on our web, Roku, Google TV, and Android apps, please contact us and we will make arrangements to help you set your stream up.

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