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IPTV Development for Roku, Google TV, and Smart TV

With the high cost of cable and satellite TV subscriptions, many consumers are migrating to more affordable and accessible streaming alternatives, such as Roku and other over-the-top (OTT) boxes or TVs with integrated "Smart TV" streaming platforms. Roku is leading the transition with over 5 million devices sold in North America. The low price of the Roku and the amount of content available on it have made it the most successful over-the-top box to date.

Roku Streaming and Channel Development
Tulix is an authorized Roku development partner and has programmed channels and provided CDN services for a large variety of content owners and distributors. Our CDN services and streaming-optimized bandwidth have made us one of the most successful IPTV developers in today's marketplace. Most developers function as a reseller (or middleman) for the bandwidth of other CDNs. This process drives up the costs customers of those companies pay for streaming services. Because we offer both development and CDN services from our own data center in Atlanta, we can provide the highest quality Roku solutions at the most competitive prices.
Online DVR for Roku
We now have the ability to integrate DVR functionality into your Roku channel(s). We can record your stream for up to a month and make it available to your viewers on demand through their Roku device. The DVR will function the same way as regular on demand content on Roku. Your viewers will see a complete history of your stream in two hour segments, from which they can select a video and fast forward to the time and content they want to watch. Online DVR for Roku gives your viewers the ability to watch your programming anytime they want.
Smart TV, Google TV, and more!
In addition to Roku, we offer development and streaming services for a number of other IPTV and OTT devices, such as Samsung Smart TV and Google TV. With our UniStream platform and our fully-featured video content management system for VOD content, you can stream simultaneously to all of these platforms as well as iPhones/iPads, Android phones/tablets, BlackBerry, PC, and Mac. You can track views by device from our streaming console and copy embed codes to place your stream on websites. We have a wealth of experience in developing for these devices and can assist you in getting your own branded channel into millions of living rooms across the globe. Contact us today for pricing and additional information.

 Did You Know?

  • Tulix charges less than 10¢ per GB of bandwidth/per month for streaming on our streaming-optimized CDN network.
  • We have our own data center in the heart of Atlanta, with multiple GigE connections to major international backbones

Customer Review

“Through our partnership with Tulix, we were able to create a custom solution to facilitate seamless sharing of our clients video assets. Our urgent requests were handled with ease thanks to their excellent customer service.!”

Joanna Huang , 22squared.

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