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Your viewers and fans don't want to miss a minute of the action, whether they're catching tonight's big game on their iPad, enjoying replays through Roku, or game highlights on their smart phone. The Tulix End-to-End video delivery solution enables you to deliver HD video live or on demand across the planet to fans on any screen. A powerful video delivery solution, yet so simple to use.

From source to screen, we cover every base
  • Ingest    Our intuitive web based management console makes it easy to manage your content. Set up a live match, load VOD segments, or create a linear sports channel with a simple drag and drop. And easily integrate your current CMS if you wish.

  • Customize   Make it yours. We can create custom apps for streaming media devices like Roku or Google TV, or even websites. Pick the player that works best with your branding.

  • Secure   Sports are big business and you may want to protect your content from piracy. With our authentication system, be confident that only authorized fans are viewing. And if your rights are limited to specific geographies, selectively block access.

  • Reach Screens Everywhere   Your fans and events are all over the world, on all kinds of devices, PCs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, connected TVs. We reach them all - anywhere, anytime.

  • Monetize   Whether your business model is ad supported, subscription, pay-per-view, purchase, or anything else, our monetization tools provide what you need to create revenue streams.

  • Measure   How much video are your fans watching? What teams, leagues and sports capture their attention? Where and on what device are they viewing? That's just the beginning of understanding your viewers. The more you know, the better you can create a live event or video service that has them raving. Our analytics suite gives you the tools to dig into viewer behavior, and provides detailed performance stats for your video delivery system.

 Did You Know?

  • Tulix charges less than 10¢ per GB of bandwidth/per month for streaming on our streaming-optimized CDN network.
  • We have our own data center in the heart of Atlanta, with multiple GigE connections to major international backbones

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