Streaming Services Overview

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Make your Video Come Alive on Any Screen

Video delivery solutions so easy to use, yet so powerful. Every day Tulix customers around the globe see their video come alive through our sophisticated, yet simple streaming solutions. Our content delivery network is a big part of our streaming success. We call it a VDN, or Video Delivery Network, purpose-built for the demands of video delivery. And because we have our own data centers, we provide top-quality service at a cost-effective price.

End-to-End solutions, or just what you need
Whether your viewers are at home or on the go, they will get the same pristine viewing experience anywhere.

  • Live, linear, time shifted or VOD streaming

  • Transcoding for any screen

  • Video management console

  • Custom video apps and website development

  • Monetization tools

  • Analytics

  • Cloud hosting and video delivery

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